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About Us

Artists for Social Change is our contribution to the creative economy, a space that has been dramatically affected by COVID-19. The curriculum provides tools and resources for artists that are tailor-made to be engaging.

Artists are essential contributors to the post-pandemic economy and armed with resources to succeed, they will play an integral role in navigating the new normal. 

Why You Should Join Us

Artists have the power to change the world, but do they have the resources to make it happen? We have invited global experts to lead modules to address the unique needs, abilities, and talents of artists by providing them with the tools + opportunities they need to thrive. 

Global Experts Include Sophie Brussaux (Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Arts Help), Hope Azeda (Founder, Mashirika Performing Arts & Media), Cal Al-Dhubaib (CEO, Pandata LLC), and many more!

Special Thanks To...

Conscious Economics, the Canadian Red Cross & Government of Canada